Vintage Royal Worcester Porcelain Pots De Creme Set

Vintage Royal Worcester Porcelain Pots De Creme Set

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If you're planning to delight your guests with a one-of-a-kind dessert let it be with these pots de creme: a rich, velvety custard baked and served in these small English Royal Worcester custard cups or ramekins. French for "pot of cream," pot de creme can be served anytime of the day, from brunch to luncheons, afternoon tea or dinner parties. 

Established circa 1750, Royal Worcester china is considered classically English and is revered for its classic, high-quality and durable whiteware that will match any dinning style. With its timeless design, Royal Worcester dinnerware is restaurant-quality porcelain and well suited for everyday dining as well as entertaining.

This pots de creme set features round handled domed lids, rounded bodies and small curved handles. Gold trims trace the edges of the lids and the small handles. It is truly timeless, classic and elegant in its simplicity. 

→ set of 5 English Royal Worcester pots de creme 
→ made of high-fired porcelain
→ 3.5"H x 3oz
→ in excellent condition; one of the lids has a small chip on the inside rim (see last photo)

→ vintage item, c. 1960-1970


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