Footed 14 oz. Amber Glass Large Dessert Bowls Set Of 4

Amber Glass Large Dessert Bowls Set Of 4, 1920s Fostoria Vernon

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Good bye boring dessert cups, hello gorgeous footed amber dessert bowls! Originally made to serve grapefruit, these large yet delicate footed bowls were made in America by Fostoria sometime between 1927 - 1933 and are very rare to find! 

If grapefruit is not what you're looking to serve, then let's dive into a scrumptious bowl of ice cream! Each bowl can hold up 14 oz. so you can serve a pretty generous helping of your favorite sundae with all the toppings. 

Given their age, condition and overall elegance and glamour, these amber cups also make a great wedding gift for someone special. 

→ set of 4 tall, dessert bowls
→ made between 1927 - 1933 by Fostoria
→ pattern: Vernon Amber 
→ 14 oz.
→ 5.5"H x 5.5"W
→ in excellent condition, no chips or cracks. Incredible condition for their age!

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