Gold Etched Wine Glasses With Gold Rims Set Of 7

Gold Etched Wine Glasses With Gold Rims, Set Of 7

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An elegant set of vintage gold etched wine glasses adorned with gold rims and made by Tiffin-Franciscan at the beginning of 1930s. Classically designed, these luxurious wine stems are the perfect entertaining glasses and are sure to impress your guests at your next dinner party.  

They are light and delicate, and feature a thick, gold encrusted band around the mouth and gold rims the base of the foot. The bowl itself holds up to 4oz and is adorned with exquisite gold etching. 

→ set of 7 vintage wine goblets
→ 4oz
→ 7.25"H x 2.75"W 
→ in great condition, no chips or cracks but some of the gold rims around the base are faded 

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Did you know that by using vintage tableware you are supporting sustainability? Vintage is a form of recycling which minimizes the impact on the environment and encourages sustainability. 



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