Gold Rimmed Cordian Glasses
Vintage aperitif glasses - gold rim
Tiffin-Franciscan  Minton glasses
liqueur glasses with gold band
small digestif glasses

Gold Rimmed Cordian Glasses

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Beautiful gold encrusted cordial glasses by Tiffin-Franciscan in the Minton Clear pattern dating back to the 1940s/1950s adorned with an intricate etched design and elegant gold band scrolls, as well as gold rings at the base of the foot.

These small tipples are perfect for serving an aperitif before a scrumptious meal to stimulate your appetite, or perhaps to enjoy a collection of fine liqueurs, two-bite desserts, or a digestif after the meal.

  • set of 5
  • 3.5"H x 1.5"W
  • vintage item
  • small chip on the rim of one glass (see last photo).



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