Hot air balloon plates

Hot Air Balloon Plates Set

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A very rare set of dessert plates in the Hot Air Balloons series by JKW Bavaria made in Western Germany sometime after 1949. Each plate shows a famous moment in the history of the hot air ballon:

(i) Globo Frances 1783 which depicts the very first hot air balloon invented and flown by the French Montgolfier brothers;

(ii) Globo de Lunardi 1785 which depicts the hot air balloon flown by the Italian "Daredevil Aeronaut" Vincent Lunardi who flew the first hot air balloon in England; and

(iii) Globo de Fedele Carmine 1788 - very little is known about Fedele Carmine.

  • set of 3
  • 7.25"dia
  • vintage item, c. 1949
  • by JKW Bavaria, Western Germany 

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