Most Loved Coastal Chic Table Lamps On Amazon

Coastal design is a popular aesthetic with those who live near the coast and beyond! Because it incorporates natural elements from the sand, sea, and sky, coastal interior design is light and airy, and brings the tranquility of the beach into your home. 

Table lamps are one of the quickest way to bring that coastal chic feel into your home and you can stay within the coastal design anywhere from classic nautical to vintage, bohemian or more minimalist. 

favorite coastal chic table lamps on amazon
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Coastal chic design uses natural elements and neutral, natural home furnishings so I rounded up some of the most loved coastal chic table lamps on Amazon right now to help you bring that into your home. 

1. Sea Green Glass Lamps With Rattan Neck & Linen Shades

Coastal with a touch of modern, these table lamps are at the top of my list. They have a translucent sea-green glass body with woven rattan neck and linen drum shades and they are $69.99 for a pair!! They are new on Amazon and quickly becoming popular. 

coastal chic table lamps

 2. White Ceramic Transitional Table Lamps With Gold Base

A modern classic style, this Jonathan Y white ceramic table lamp transitions effortlessly across so many design styles, including coastal chic. Currently on sale for $99 each.

costal chic table lamps

3. Seagrass Weave Coastal Chic Table Lamp

 Another Jonathan Y favorite, this table seagrass weave table lamp is quintessentially coastal. The woven seagrass around the base creates a breezy coastal but transitions easily to cottage and transitional design styles. Now on sale for $87 each. 

coastal chic table lamps

4. White & Gold Teardrop Metal Table Lamps, a Pair 

Beautifully crafted in a white and gold teardrop shape, these Safavieh table lamps are such a great option for coastal chic with their bright, light and airy feel. Perfect for modern and transitional design styles as well. Sold as a pair and comes in navy and gold as well.   

coastal chic table lamps

coastal chic table lamps

5. Navy Blue & White Square Ceramic Ginger Gar Table Lamp 

 From the foyer to the living room, dining room, bedroom, or office this gorgeous square ceramic navy blue and white table lamp will bring that touch of nautical blues. Sold individually and now on sale for $89 each.

coastal chic table lamps

6. Blue, White & Gold Brushstroke Coastal Table Lamp

 So coastal, so chic! This ceramic blue, white and gold brushstroke table lamp will put the chic in any room. Comes in brown brushstroke as well. 

coastal chic table lamps

coastal chic table lamps

7. Clear Glass Fillable Table Lamp

This lamp comes with an empty glass body but it is fillable meaning you can add your favorite mix of shells, pebbles and sand to create the perfect coastal feel! Currently on sale for $43 each. 

coastal chic table lamps

8. Dark Terracotta Finish Urn Table Lamps, a Pair

These are perfect for bringing that raw earthy feel to your coastal chic design.  From coastal to western, farmhouse and Southwest, these lamps are gorgeous and so versatile. Sold as a pair for $179.    

coastal chic table lamps

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