Q. Why should I buy vintage or antique market finds rather than new stuff from the store?
A. Buying vintage or antique home goods makes a huge impact on the environment and the local economy. By changing your purchasing behavior you’re making a difference in so many ways:
  • You are supporting a small mom & pop business which helps strengthen our local economy and communities;
  • You are recycling. By purchasing and re-using existing pieces you make your own contribution against mass production and waste which has a huge negative impact on the natural environment;
  • You are enjoying something unique and one of a kind as most vintage and antique pieces are very rare and hard to find;
  • Vintage and antique home goods were made with incredibly durable materials, as well as detailing and designs that are not used anymore due to cost restraints. The antique porcelain and earthware, as well as crystals were made to last and have been passed from generation to generation, some with incredibly little wear or damage;
  • Vintage goods have a lot of history and help tell a story which makes them great conversation starters;
  • You’re making an investment as most vintage and antique pieces are by now rare and hard to find so they continue to increase in value, particularly collectibles.

Q. How do you know it’s vintage or antique?
A. While we are not certified antique dealers, we conduct extensive research towards our items and all product descriptions are based on our personal research, pottery makers and decorators’ marks, and they are accurate to the best of our knowledge and abilities. Most of the potteries and makers are long gone by now but their work is documented by various historians and researchers.

Q. Are the vintage and antique goods used and what should I expect?
A. Yes, all antique and vintage items are anywhere from 20 to over 140 years old and have been loved and used by several generations before us so please expect signs of aging and wear, as well as slight imperfections such as minor scratches, stains and gilt disintegration, hairlines (superficial cracks), nicks (tiny bits of damage smaller than 1mm, as opposed to a chip which is something you can easily see with the eye and feel to the touch), firing specks or similar technical imperfections. I do my best to note the more significant imperfections such as actual cracks, chips, etc.

Q. Can I place an item on hold until I’m able to buy it?
A. Most of our items are rare and one of a kind so collectors and designers tend to grab them as soon as they are available for sale. For that reason, we encourage our customers to act fast as there might not be another chance and we cannot place items on hold.

Q. Can you help me find a specific vintage item I want?
A. Yes, we are happy to offer complimentary sourcing for specific pieces for most items! Larger items (like furniture) or items that we will need to ship in from abroad will be subject to a sourcing fee to be discussed and agreed with you. While we can’t guarantee we’ll always be able to find what you are looking for, we’re glad to say we’ve been successfully sourcing pieces for our customers for a long time now. Send us an email and let us know what you’re looking for.

Q. Can porcelain and glassware be shipped safely?

A. Yes, we have safely shipped hundreds of fragile orders and we expertly package the porcelain and glassware orders so you can rest assured that your order will arrive to you safely. We also provide complimentary shipping insurance on all orders over US $100 to protect you against damage that may occur during transit. 

Q. What happens if my order arrives damaged?
A. In the very rare occurrence of a breakage during delivery, please contact us upon receipt of your order but, in no event, later than two (2) calendar days, and provide us with proof of damage (e.g. pictures of the damaged product in the original shipping packaging) and we will process either a full or partial refund, as the case may be, and may require you to return the undamaged portion of the order to us. For example, if your order consists of 12 plates and one arrives broken you will generally have two options (1) receive a prorated refund for the one plate; or (2) if you don’t want to keep the remaining 11 plates, you may return them to us for a full refund of all moneys paid. If the latter, we will send you a prepaid shipping label for your convenience.

Please refer to our Shipping & Return Policies for more information.

Q. When will I expect my item to arrive?
A. Your item will be shipped after receipt of funds, unless agreed otherwise in writing. 

We will ship your items within a maximum of 2 working days after payment (usually quicker). We cannot be held responsible for delivery times once the item has been shipped as this is at the shipper's discretion and, in case of international delivery, can be subject to customs delays, weather, holidays and/or political instability.

 Q. Can I return my item?
A. Cancellations can only be accepted before the item has been shipped. Once an item has been shipped, the transaction cannot be cancelled anymore.

Returns need to be requested within 2 days of receipt of the item and completed within 14 days from the date they have been agreed in writing.

If you want to return an item because you changed your mind, you will be responsible for the return shipping. We will only pay for return shipping if we have mutually agreed that the item did not satisfy your expectations. 

You are subject to the Consumers Rights Act, which protects your rights buying over the internet.

 We always aim to have happy customers so if you have an issue with or questions about your item, please contact us within 14 days of receipt and we will do anything we can to resolve the issue with you! 

​Q. Why does my package look used?
​A. We believe that everyone should do their part to help preserve our Earth and part of our sustainability efforts we try to use ecofriendly packing materials like recycled boxes and other shipping supplies as much as we can.