10 Holiday Cocktail Party Recipes

It's almost Christmas so time to dust off that shiny, cocktail mixing set you keep in your china cabinet and get ready for your holiday party. Here are some quick and easy to mix holiday cocktails to pick from.

Cocktail Recipe #1: ‘Tis the Season
Add 2 oz. Suntory Whiskey, bar spoon of yuzu simple syrup, dash of cardamon bitters, and a dash of angostura bitters to a mixing glass with ice and stir. Strain over fresh ice in rocks glasses.

Holiday cocktail recipes with whiskey

Cocktail Recipe #2: Chantilly Lane
Shake 1.5oz cognac, .5oz amaro, .75oz spearmint syrup, and .75oz lemon and strain over ice. Garnish with mint leaves. Coupe glasses work best for this!

Cocktail Recipe #2: Chantilly Lane

Cocktail Recipe #3: Cascadia
Add 1.5oz gin, .5oz spiced pear liqueur, .75oz lemon, .5oz honey, and a dash of RX Cherry Apple Bitters to a shaker. Strain over fresh ice and garnish with sliced pear + grated cinnamon/nutmeg. Try using mid-century highball glasses for this cocktail. Cocktail Recipe #3: Cascadia

Cocktail Recipe #4: Kiss from a Rosè 
Shake 1oz vodka, .5oz Bruto Americano, .5oz lemon, .5oz strawberry syrup, and strain into a small coupe and top with sparkling rosè. Garnish with strawberry.

Cocktail Recipe #4: Kiss from a Rosè

Cocktail Recipe #5: Holiday Greenery
Combine 2oz matcha tea infused vodka, .5oz maraschino, .5oz dry vermouth, and .75oz lemon. To get the look, serve up in a gold rimmed crystal wine glass with foil-stamped coasters

Cocktail Recipe #8: Holiday Greenery

Cocktail Recipe #6: Spice Merchant
Add 2oz Malahat Spiced Rum, .5oz fresh-squeezed orange juice, .75oz lime, and .5 oz cinnamon simple syrup to a shaker. Shake then double strain into a gold band coupe glass. Garnish with orange zest.

Cocktail Recipe #6: Spice Merchant

Cocktail #7: Winter Smash
Shake 1oz bourbon, 1oz apple brandy, .75oz lemon, .75oz strawberry syrup and 3-4 mint leaves in a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into highball glass with crushed ice. Garnish with strawberry and mint.

Cocktail #10: Winter Smash

Cocktail Recipe #8: Warm and Cozy
Add .75oz light rum, .75oz dark rum, .75oz horchata syrup, .75oz lime, and .5 oz fresh cream  to shaker and shake vigorously. Double strain into a stem glass and garnish with grated cinnamon/nutmeg. Add this modern Christmas tree if you’re feeling festive! 

Cocktail Recipe #8: Warm and Cozy

Cocktail Recipe #9: Black Snow
Shake 1.5oz charcoal infused tequila, .5 oz mescal, a dash of orange bitters, .75oz lime, and .05oz simply syrup. Strain over fresh ice and garnish with orange zest. Old Fashioned and rocks glasses work best here.

Cocktail Recipe #9: Black Snow

Cocktail Recipe #10: Naughty Sour
Shake 2oz bourbon, .75oz lemon, and .75oz cane syrup in a shaker tin with ice. Strain over fresh ice. Add .5 oz cabernet sauvignon over the back of a bar spoon so it floats. Old Fashioned and rocks glasses work best here.

Cocktail Recipe #5: Naughty Sour

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