5 Outdoor Summer Dinner Party Themes To Try In 2019

Oh, summer! For me, this is the best time of the year to entertain at home, especially if you have a garden or a rooftop.

Unlike holiday entertaining, outdoor summer dinner parties are much more casual and sometimes, although not always, easier to set up (and clean up after!).

I don't have a garden or a rooftop (a small price to pay for enjoying life in the city) but that doesn't stop me from throwing outdoor summer parties so I throw my outdoor summer parties in my friends' backyards.


Ok so now that you decided to host your own outdoor summer party, the first thing to do is to carefully choose your theme and then set off to design the menu, plan the dinner table décor. 

Below I rounded up some of my favorite summer dinner party themes that you should try in 2019.

#1 Indigo Summer Rooftop Soirée by EyeSwoon

I won't say it's easy but EyeSwoon makes this whimsical summer dinner on her Brooklyn terrace seem effortless and absolutely charming.

So follow in her footsteps!

let your creativity run uninhibited and throw a summer party simply around a color palette then choose the linens, flowers, even your vessels and glassware around that color. 

Summer Dinner Party Themes To Try In 2018

Image credit: EyeSwoon

fresh branzino for the grill

Image credit: Harpers Bazaar

#2 Host A Seafood Boil by Lauren Kelp

Seafood boils are a tradition all along the Gulf Coast, where shellfish and sausages are boiled outdoors in a large pot of flavorful broth, and served to hungry guests along with chilled wine. 

Sounds like your kind of summer party? Then head on over to Lauren Kelp's tutorial and let us know how it turns out.  

host a seafood boil

Image credit: Lauren Kelp

#3 A Mediterranean Summer Feast by Camille Styles

How about an al fresco dinner party inspired by the bold flavors of the Mediterranean? Prepare an mezze-style spread and share the abundant table with your favorite friends.

Meze-style spreads are perfect for summer dinner parties where guests get to share a variety of small plates, dips, and salads.

And transform your backyard by simply bringing one of the area rugs outside, place some throw pillows around the table as well as lanterns, and enjoy an unforgettable end-of-summer feast.


Image credit: Camille Styles


Image credit: Camille Styles

#4 Backyard Movie Night by Design Love Fest 

Ahh, this is so dreamy, you guys! What a fantastic idea that I somehow never thought of.

Design Love Fest created this backyard movie night party around a Japanese theme but you can change that up and make it your own. This is a great party for girlfriends or couples.

And if you or none of your friends own a projection screen, you can easily find companies that will rent you the equipment. They can deliver the projector, speaker and a large screen. Perfection!


Image credit: Design Love Fest 

movie night in the backyard

Image credit: Design Love Fest 

#5 A Rustic, Summer's End Party by Fresh Exchange

Ok, if you know me you know I'm a die hard city girl so you'll probably wonder why I'm suggesting a rustic dinner party but you guys, I am head over heels in love with this dinner party. All of it.

From the rural setting to the simple white dishes and farm to table menu but most of all, the absolute, natural beauty that surrounds this farmhouse. I love it all. 

a rustic summer's end party

Image credit: Fresh Exchange

a rustic summer's end party

Image credit: Fresh Exchange

a rustic summer's end party

Image credit: Fresh Exchange

There you have it, my favorite 5 outdoor summer dinner party themes I think you should try in 2018. If you've already hosted one of these we want to hear about it so leave us a comment below.


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