How To Integrate Chinoiserie Style In Your Modern Home

Chinoiserie style remains one of the most bold and exotic interior design trends today. Derived from the French word, "Chino," or, "Chinese," Chinoiserie remains a European interpretation of East Asian style. Coming right from the 18th century, this exuberant style has made a huge place in the hearts of grand millennials. Many top interior designers have proudly displayed the style in their own homes. So here are a few tips to integrate this alluring Chinoiserie style into your modern home.

Chinoiserie style is all about vibrant colors, patterns, and exotic motifs. The vintage style has found its perfect match in the bold and fun-loving souls of the grand millennial. The maximalist generation believes, "More is actually more," and the chinoiserie style is the perfect way to bring their ideology to life. Yet, the millennials have embraced the style in their own way, bringing about a contemporary touch to this age-old style. So if you are confused about how to mix chinoiserie style with your modern pieces, then you are definitely in the right place. Our tips can help you to give a fun and whimsical twist to your contemporary space.  

  • Find the perfect balance between old and new:

The first and probably the most obvious rule is to strike the perfect balance. For modern or chic chinoiserie style is all about the right mix. It calls for an eclectic style by juxtaposing old and new items for a completely unexpected mix. So consider using your Chinoiserie style accessories as a statement piece where a few accents are enough to provide an exuberant feel. A Chinoiserie style artwork complemented by gingers jars and bowls upon your table or mantel can certainly bring a playful Chinoiserie vibe to your space without really going overboard.

How To Incorporate Chinoiserie Style In Your Modern Home

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  • Integrate the style with layers of texture:

Chinoiserie style is all about the layering of colors, patterns, and motifs. To integrate the vintage style within your modern abode, it is important to add a layered feel to your interior space as well. This could be achieved through a combination of different textures. So once you have your Chinoiserie accents in place, integrate the style with layers of textures. Highly-polished lacquer and bamboo perfectly complement Chinoiserie style. Yet, from coarse jute rug to silky velvet and leather furnishing, can all give a layered feel to adorn your Chinoiserie style decor.

how to incorporate chinoiserie decor
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  • Introduce rich and vibrant colors into your interior space:

One of the most distinctive factors of the Chinoiserie style remains the use of vibrant colors. So to fully incorporate the style into your home, opt for rich and bright colors within your walls and furnishings. Here it is not important to mix and match colors with your Chinoiserie accessories. In fact, you can use intense colors such as Cherry Red, Burnt Orange, Turquoise, Pink, and Emerald Green. The shades can be used together for an unexpected contrasting mix that gives away the true vibe of the Chinoiserie style.

How To Incorporate Chinoiserie Style In Your Modern Home

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  • Merge Chinoiserie motifs with modern geometric patterns:

The exotic motifs of Chinoiserie decor, define the true beauty of the style. These fanciful motifs perfectly complement modern geometric patterns. Both vouch for a heavy visual appeal, giving us the perfect opportunity to merge the two styles. Motifs from your ginger jar, decorative plates, and bowls can perfectly complement an area rug in a modern geometric pattern. So juxtapose modern patterns with Chinoiserie decor to create your own personalized interior space.

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How to decorate with chinoisrrie decor

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  • Arrange your Chinoiserie accessories in a modern cluster:

When placing your Chinoiserie style accessories in a contemporary space, the arrangement of the pieces truly matters. It is a great idea to arrange the Chinoiserie jars, vases, bowls, and plates in a more modern way. So refrain from displaying only one Chinoiserie accessory. Ideally, the pieces should be arranged in an odd number of clusters, playing around with different sizes and scales to provide a modern outlook. Yet, if you are feeling bold, create an unexpected cluster, mixing your Chinoiserie accessories with other vintage accents and a few modern pieces, to complete your Modern Chic Chinoiserie style.

Chinoiserie style is a great way to give your home a plush and inviting look. You can truly achieve the look within your modern bound. Well, if you are looking to make a bold and whimsical statement in your modern abode, then Chinoiserie is just the right style for you. Give the style your own personal twist so that your bold and daring personality could shine through the Chinoiserie style.

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