5 Juicy & Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes To Try In 2022

I know that some of you have been hosting Thanksgiving dinner for years and already have a favorite, go-to Thanksgiving turkey recipe but in case you have been thinking of switching things up a bit this year or you are just now starting to host this traditional family dinner, I am hoping that you will set your heart on one of these recipes because they have been tested and come highly recommended. 

I will be hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner (yaaaayy🎉🦃) and as of now I am seriously tempted by recipe #5 below. I could never resist herbes de provence on anything and I feel like it will pair beautifully with a French Pinot Noire. n, I am practically drooling and ready for dinner right now! :)

Bon appétit, mes amis!

You can read each recipe by clicking on the photos or on the name of each recipe's author. 

1. The Extra Juicy & Perfectly Golden Classic

The Novice Chef will show you how to make an extra juicy and perfectly golden brown Thanksgiving turkey without stressing. Easy tricks and methods, from thowing to brining and roasting to perfection. 


  • Mary K

    Thanks so much for getting all these recipes together! They all look great, so excited to try one of them for Thanksgiving! xx

  • Christie

    All look so good!! I may try #1 and see if I can improve my traditional recipe. Thanks for sharing, Anda!

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