My Weekly Faves 9|28|15

Hello everyone! It's a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning here in San Diego and as I type this the sun is shinning brightly and baby Cruz is sitting on his dad's lap mesmorized with the cartoons playing on TV. The smell of freshly brewed coffee lingers from the kitchen and I'm doing my favorite Sunday morning ritual: sipping a latte and browsing Pinterest. God, I could do this for everrrr. This is when my sense of denial is at its highest: tomorrow is not Monday, tomorrow is not Monday, tomorrow is not Monday. Eh, it doesn't keep Monday away but it makes my Sundays pretty perfect! So to get us ready for the week here are my latest favorite finds:

#1 Favorite DIY: via Almost Perfect 

DIY braided camera strap

#2 Favorite Cocktail: via Lauren Conrad 

Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail

#3 Tea Party: via Sugar & Cloth 

Tea Party

#4 Favorite Balcony Organization Idea: via My Desired Home

Balcony Organization Ideas
#5 Favorite Pink Chair Covers: via Pinterest

Chair Covers With Ruffles

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