Show Dad Some Love

I know for most people it's too late to shop for Father's Day since it's tomorrow but if you're anything like me (a big time procastinator, that is) it's actually never too late because I sometimes (ok, quite often) give out gifts after the fact. And actually it works out for the best; here's my reasoning:

last minute deals are typically so much better than the early ones. Who doesn't love a good sale?
 people love receiving gifts on a random day. We all know we're getting something on our birthday but how awesome is it when we get one more gift three days later? Sweet!
 I get my inspiration from other people's gifts and then one up them. he he he

So if you're still looking for a gift for dad and want to get a good deal use our Father's Day 20% off discount code FATHERSDAY on any of our items today and all day tomorrow. Here are our favorite picks for dad from our Vintage Home Collection:

Vintage Brass Bald Eagle

Vintage French Soldier Figurines

Vintage Crystal Decanter Set With Two Glasses19th Century Spelter Bronze Roman Soldier Statue

Vintage GE Electric Clock With World Timezones

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