Six Things From Grandma's House That Are Cool For Grandmillennials

Grandmillennial style has emerged as one of the trendiest ways to reconnect with the past. This means that your Grandma's house is much more cool and chic than you thought. It holds some treasured possessions that can instantly make you feel happy and comfortable. So it's time to go back to your Grandma's house and get your hands on these six trendy decor items. These accessories can prove to be one of the coolest additions to your Grandmillennial style home.

  • Porcelain Animal Figurines:

Besides florals, one thing that immediately added to the character of your Grandma's home is an animal figurine. The figurine can serve as statement pieces upon the surface of your table, mantelpiece, or console. From utterly elegant white porcelain figurines to some exotic and vibrant animal sculptures, the decor can fit in any style to vouch for a granny chic interior space. 

vintage blue and white monkeys

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pair of staffordshire lions

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  • Vintage Bookends:

Your grandparents may be in possession of the most exclusive collection of books. It was often personalized with unique and eye-catching bookends. These vintage bookends have now become the most treasured accessory to uplift your Grandmillennial style home. It could not only serve as the perfect organizing tool for your book collection but can add to the life of your shelves, tables, or mantelpiece. 

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  • Chinoiserie plates:

The Grandmillennial style has established chinoiserie plates as one of the most exquisite accessories for your home. Featuring a harmony of rich colors, patterns, and motifs, the plates cannot only step up your dining table but serve as the perfect wall decor. You can display the plates in various arrangements onto the wall, to add fun, whimsical, and nostalgic decor to your home. 

Six Things From Grandma's House That Are Cool For Grandmillennial
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  • Colored glassware:

Ever been fascinated with those fancy, colored glasses at your Grandma's house. The beautiful glassware is now making a powerful comeback as the perfect way to enliven your tablescape. Available in a wide variety of colors, the glassware can add a dose of color and personality to your next dinner party. 

Six Things From Grandma's House That Are Cool For Grandmillennial
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  • Blue and white chinoiserie vases & jars: 

Undoubtedly, the most popular ceramics from the past remain those elegant blue and white vases. From Costal to Boho chic, the soothing yet utterly dynamic color combo can elevate any style. It also serves as the perfect fit for Grandmillennial inspired spaces. Adding a sophisticated touch of personality and charm, blue and white ceramics remain the most trendy and chic decor for your home. 

Six Things From Grandma's House That Are Cool For Grandmillennial
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  • Tapestry With A Twist:

One thing that instantly provides a glimpse of your Grandma's home is tapestry. From wall hangings to vibrant pillows, tapestry has become the newly found love of many millennials. Tapestry now serves as a unique way to personalize your modern home.

Chinoiserie tapestry pillow cover

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Grandmillennial style is all about creating a warm and cozy space. From family heirlooms to unique memories from your Grandma's house, Grandmillennial serves as a way to connect to the past, and relive your family history through your home design. The nostalgic feel and the opportunity to personalize your home have made Grandmillennial style the ultimate way to add comfort and personality to your home.

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