Essential Glassware For Your Home Bar Cart

Home bar carts are so in right now and we often get asked about the essential glassware for home bar carts. They are pretty, functional and add so much character and class to the room. Given that they're so popular these day, you can easily find the right bar cart to fit your personal style, budget and whatever else elements that inspire you.

Essential glassware for your home bar cart

Obviously, we're biased and prefer vintage bar carts since they come with a story and the craftsmanship is typically superior to the contemporary ones. But, of course, the new ones are just as great and you can add the story and more character to it by accessorizing it with vintage glassware. If this is your choice then here's the rundown on the vintage glassware you'll need for your home bar cart:

1. The perfect vintage crystal decanter

It all starts with the bottle you pour from so consider investing in a nice, crystal decanter. It might cost a bit more but it will last you for many years, not to mention the cut crystal will really make your bar cart pop. Here are some of our favorite decanters from our very own Vintage Barware Collection


Source: Vintage Crystal Decanter Set With Double Old Fashioned Glasses


Source: Crystal Decanter Set With 2 Old Fashioned Glasses


Source: Mid-Century Romanian Blue Glass Decanter Set With Glasses

2. The perfect vintage crystal glasses

Be adventurous and bold with your drinking glasses. Don't be afraid of colored glassware or unique shapes and styles. Vintage glasses are the ones that will stand out the most and are guaranteed to be the envy of your guests. 


Source: Crystal Green Stem Cocktail Glasses, Set Of 3


Source: Mid-Century George Briard Owl Whiskey Glasses

vintage pink wine glasses - French

Source: French Pink Wine Glasses, Set Of 4  

Pink Champagne Coupe Glasses, Set Of 4

Source: French Pink Swirl Champagne Coupes, Set Of 4


Source: Mid-Century Highball Culver Glasses


Source: Mid-Century Gold Highball Glasses Set Of 6


Source: Antique Bohemian Crystal Champagne Coupes Set Of 4

3. The extras

Now that we got the decanters and glasses figured out, let's think about the little extras needed to complete the bar cart decor, like candy dishes for your mints and chocolates, or dessert cups for sherbet or ice cream, and small glasses for dessert wines and digestifs.  

Antique Bohemian Footed Candy Dish

Source: Bohemian Crystal Candy Dish 


Source: Vintage Pink Sherbet Cups Set Of 6


Source: Tiffin Gold Wine Glasses Set of 5 

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