4 Tips For Home Office Decorating

how to decorate your home office

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Give your home office a much needed face lift!
Home Office Decorating ideas for the Accomplished Hostess.

Every room in the house requires a facelift once in a while and if you spend a lot of time in your home office and haven’t remodeled in a couple of years then it’s facelift time, ladies! Planning a home office decorating project doesn’t have to be expensive - creativity goes a long way when you’re home office decorating.

#1 Finding Room For Your Home Office

Now, not everyone (me included) is fortunate enough to have a separate room for their home office. Not a problem! The main thing to remember in home office decorating is to do your best with what you’ve got. You can set up a beautiful and inspiring home office in your bedroom, in a closet (no, it’s not creepy, I promise!), a corner of your living room, on a stair landing or in a spare room if you have one. Of if you have a built-in tabletop somewhere even better! Wherever your home office may be in your home, there are ways to decorate it, making it a comfortable and enjoyable place to work.

how to decorate your home office
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how to decorate your home office

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#2 Jazz It Up With Paint

Once you’ve decided on a space for your home office, you’ll need a plan. Doing the home office decorating yourself will save time and money. Painting is something you should consider – a fresh coat of paint can dramatically change the appearance of your home office. When choosing colors for your home office, a fresh lively color or a calming color would be the best choices (white is still king!). These tones will set the mood for your work space. To jazz it up a little, you might want to use stenciling around your desk or perhaps wallpaper one wall to enhance the space you have.

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#3 Home Office Desk Options

When looking for ideas for home office decorating, start by looking around your house first. Do you see pieces of furniture that you’re not really using? Maybe there’s a spare chair from your dining table that you can use for your home office. If space is a big issue and you’re a crafty one, consider building your own desk. Building a desk for your home office decorating project can be as simple as laying a piece of board on top of a filing cabinet or a smaller table. Then paint it and voilà! DIY is a great option if you’re trying to fit your home office in a corner of a room or next to your bed instead of a nightstand. And if you're not crafty like me, then there's plenty of options for beautiful, well made desks that will fit any space and budget. Below are some of our favorites! 

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home office decorating

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home office decorating
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# 4 Home Office Decorating Tips

Ok so now that you have your space all set up you need to add the details: things that will inspire you - such as framed artwork or speakers for music; lighting is a must so find a cute little desk lamp that will make you want to keep working well after sundown; next, consider adding one or two small plants or a vase for fresh flowers; and how about adding some photos of friends & family and happy memories. If space is an issue, go ahead and use one of the walls to hang your artwork and photos. 

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Another wall can be used for shelving, to store your office supplies, books and necessities for your work. There are many great ideas for home office decorating, you just have to let your creativity guide you. Or use our Pinterest Home Office board for ideas!

Share your own tips & ideas below!

And here are more home office decorating ideas that we hope will inspire you.

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